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It is our pleasure to introduce you to  < Antwerp Jewels >, a well established jeweller in Belgium.

Since 2006 we have been a trusted name in down-town jewellery retailing in Brussels, the ‘capital of Europe’, in operating two boutiques close to the famous ‘Grand Place’, Brussel’s historic market place.

Dedicated to the promotion of fine diamonds, cut, set and certified according to the best & latest ‘Antwerp standards’, we have built our reputation mainly on the quality of our gems and jewellery, on highlighting traditional international styles, as well as original designs, eventually custom made creations, available according to the best possible price setting, above all in pursuit of the highest ‘client satisfaction’.

We offer a full range of the finest 18 KT Golden jewellery, marked ‘750’, eventually Platinum settings.

Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants and Brooches are delicately set with Diamonds and other carefully selected precious stones, such as Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. Each and every item on sale is fully certified and shows a pricetag, describing the piece of jewellery by indicating the quality of the precious materials and gems, the individual or total stone weight, and also by featuring the traditional 4 C’s ‘Cut’, ‘Carat’, ‘Clarity’, ‘Colour’, as well as the best retail price, in ‘EUR’, Belgian V.A.T. – included (value added tax, 21%). We also offer the best daily quotations in all major international currencies and for export, outside the European Union, ‘tax free’ refunds will indeed be organized upon your simple request.

Jewellery artifacts are treasured presents for ladies, men and children, so many precious items which are being offered as a casual gift or in order to celebrate major milestones in life.

Our Services

< Antwerp Jewels > stand for ‘customer trust’ when purchasing fine jewellery, always good quality, whether classic designs or custom made creations, available against affordable prices.

Enjoy our truly precious goodies, the testimony of many years of experience, high ethical standards and dedication to quality and personalized servicing of our esteemed worldwide customers.

We are committed to make every customer ‘feel at home’. When entering or boutiques, feel free to browse, to fully desire .. and do enjoy our creations .. in order to make a small or bigger dream come through. Why would’nt you go for a customized mounting  ? Choose a certified diamond, which can be set according to your choice, within 24 hrs only (48 hrs for your own designed mounting); resizing of rings, within 1 hour.

Our mission is to foster good feelings amongst our valued customers : feel happy (!) for we want to bring a sunshine in your life when choosing, purchasing and wearing our fine gifts : always a good, genuine quality, against a fair price !

At your service‘ !

Mangaldeen RAJAK, Founder  Antwerp Jewels